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I have always believed the 1950’s Jordan Theory of the Universe with twists from my 20’s.

Jordan: There is no energy in the Universe, all is a phase shift. Anything above absolute zero is thermal.

1 or 2 of My twists:
The Universe is made of  the sum of the differences of all sub-wave forms giving a master wave. Said Master Wave continuously crosses the zero point locally meaning an unnoticeable distributed “big bang”, no singularity . It would be more substantial than pulling on Hawkings’ finger. Recently, one of the forums stated that the universe was turning on and off at 1.039 Thz.  If true, I consider this proof and as in a computer, would call this the “UNIVERSAL REFRESH RATE” of  said “Master Wave” of which we are all part.

My model allows for string theory, pocket universes and a manifold system with a central time line, reintegrating divergence.

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Richard Dunn

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