by Richard Dunn

It is real. I knew someone militarily, given access to the man’s notes. If you use logic it has to be, based on life force, qi energy, which some use to start fires and much more. Your research is fundamentally flawed. Kind of like when NPR interview the men from the British medical Journal, Lancet, as to, could people levitate. They called the Dali Lama and were directed to a place on the Indian side of the Himalayas. There was a school. So if you send little Johnny to the big boy school… Why do I bother here… pathetic.

Look at polywater. Look at Chi-gong, you are moving energy in their motions, when they use their will to harden the body against attack. Is it real, they weaponized it. It is in the chakras and the electro-magnetic fields of he human body. That is measurable. It can disrupt instrumentation in hospitals. Ask anyone who has worked in a hospital re. instrumentation, you will find it in their documentation for test equipment, repair and calibration. Pathetic. My mother worked in a hospital and was responsible for such documentation manuals. They all have it. I had to read some of the stuff back when I was a kid. It was interesting.