Book Description

The winning casebook: Earth vs. Milky Way Galaxy Court of Nobles. Keep an open mind, Read it to the end. You cannot help it, you will learn something. History as told, lies, this is the missing history. When Gods are not Gods, but Scoundrels with secret societies for toadies, the worst of humanity.

When prophecy is a production line. When your government is not your government. When we are  being manipulated to our destruction. Would you listen? History does not have to repeat itself. Nothing is poured in cement.  Why other galaxies run from the Milky Way. Why Earth is being murdered. Who is running the nut house.

The Courts of heaven. The original real basis of  law. How we got here and the way out.  The Writ of Execution of the Judgment. World Ownership which gives Jurisdiction; which gives Authority; which gives Dominion, the right to rule based on the White Cube.



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