Do trees communicate?

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Trees talk to each other and recognize their offspring.

Cure For Cancer – Royal Rife Story

Imagine, for a moment, that you have spent more than two decades in painfully laborious research– that you have discovered an incredibly simple, electronic approach to curing literally every disease on the planet caused by viruses and bacteria . Indeed, it is a discovery that would end the pain and suffering of countless millions and change life on Earth forever.

Is Orogone Real?

by Richard Dunn

It is real.I knew someone militarily, given access to the man’s notes. If you use logic it has to be, based on life force, qi energy, which some use to start fires and much more. Your research is fundamentally flawed. Kind of like when NPR interview the men from the British medical Journal, Lancet, as to, could people levitate. They called the Dali Lama and were directed to a place on the Indian side of the Himalayas. There was a school. So if you send little Johnny to the big boy school… Why do I bother here… pathetic. read more

The Miracle of Molecular Hydrogen

by Dr. Mark Sircus AC, OMD, DM (P)

Scientific Scientific researchers tell us, “Hydrogen is extremely unique since it has the capability to act at the cellular level. Hydrogen is qualified to cross the blood brain barrier, to enter the mitochondria, and even has the ability to translocate to the nucleus under certain conditions. Once in these ideal locations of the cell, previous studies have shown that hydrogen exerts antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and cytoprotective properties that are beneficial to the cell.”[1] read more

The Esoteric and Extraterrestrial Meaning of Jupiter Ascending

By David Nova | Deus Nexus

On the surface, the Wachowskis‘ new sci-fi epic is action-pacted, Jovian fun, however Jupiter Ascending paints a very dark, more Saturnian portrait of the Universe we inhabit. But is there a positive message obscured by all the darkness? Yes, and it relates to The Law of One.

The film is enjoying mixed reviews and less than stellar box office receipts. The art direction is stunning.  The effects are dizzying.  The script is sufficiently Matrix-esque.  Yet something truly original is what’s missing from this formula. From Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, to The Fifth Element and Dune, we’ve visited this Universe before. Yet continuing in the  trend of recent blockbusters coming out of Hollywood, there’s something subtly darker about this piece of adrenaline-fueled, science fiction fluff. read more

Why the Right to Vote in the United States is a Fraud

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Next year, many Americans will be preparing themselves to go vote at the next presidential election, which is scheduled for November 8, 2016. If you are planning to go vote during that time, you should read this article before doing so.

The right to vote is not what you think it is. When you vote, you are voting for a foreign candidate that represents a foreign corporation called the United States, Incorporated. Do you need proof of this? Read further and I will show you all the proof you need. read more