Richard Dunn

Richard Dunn

Pub. date: 7/4/2017 USPTO re. Hex prism 3D train system for super computer: Big Data/Mining, IoT

Randolph, Massachusetts



Business Model: Joint Venture for Disruptive Technologies as follows:

1. High risk projects with historical low success probability which other men and institutions believe impossible as demonstrated by evidence, reason and/or found by interviewing prospective candidates.
2. NDAs may be required.
3. Non-fluid goal(s) defining success.
4 Discretionary exit stratedgy.
5. JV partners are not bosses.
6. Sufficient reward and margin to justify risk. Est. min. gross $250M-1B annual sales.
7. Risk is constantly evaluated vs. a reasonable probability of success, given adequate resources and avenues of exploration.
8. Negotiations are by authorized agents only.
9. Bargaining must be in good faith.
10. There must be agreement regarding distribution of proceeds.
11. Reasonable belief that payment terms under the agreement will be honored. This is not a charity.
12. Agreements are written and signed by an appropriate signature level authority.
13. Changes in scope may require further negotiation or a change of terms at my discretion.
14. A clearly labeled non-refundable stipend must be allowed from each JV partner as a means of determining commitment.
15. One JV partner must be able to bring product to market in an agreed upon time frame or forfeit.
16. Performance penalties are accessed with eventual forfeiture for technologies left on the shelf. This applies particularly for proposals made by current market leaders.
17. Sale and proposals by US firms only. Violation equals forfeit. I have first right of refusal.
18. No financial responsibility is assumed by any party for governmental interference, particularly patent and copyright law to include legislation bought by competitors. This is a known risk.
19. Objective: Advance sustainable technology to increase the pie for all.

In closing, my name is a standard of due diligence or it is not to be used. It shows in my work.



    United States US 8,542,492 B2

    (1) a. Shortest distance between two points is a line. b. Shortest normalized distances between three points renders an equilateral triangle. c. The optimized geometric shape to include a common center of [6] equilateral triangles is a hexagon. d. Hexagons tile [tessellate] to form a matrix. e. Subsets are extruded into 3D keeping equilateral triangle leg length as the standard connection length which becomes the propagation path length adjusted to include all processing delays.
    (2) Hexagons, equilateral triangles and their prisms nest and may nest for component optimization, separately ref. 1.
    (3) Suspended hexagonal prisms and dumbbell enclosures on parallel by tracks, cog railways, frames, etc. may be made to open up into rooms for access for repair, replacement or modification, etc.
    (4) Current tech is horizontal as cabinets with pizza boxes. We go vertical with a vengeance to include many heat transfer options, without aisle and rows. space goes down, thermal components live in a virtual wind tunnel if necessary. Max. Current HPC install value: 150-250M, top 390M [basket ball court size, Now designed for vertical acreage; different scale/scope with attendant awards.
    (5) Fail over with much higher system resilience and hence up time, if design rules are followed.

    This is available for license or investment by vertical market space for the US market. UPGRADES WILL NOT BE HONORED IN INTERNATIONAL MARKETS.

  • Scalable electronics, computer, router, process control and other module

    United States 20120147558

    (Pat. App 1 of 2) Note: Just noticed, allowed provisional conversionis filed in 12/2009. I have to check this. Scalable electronics, computer, router, process control and other module/enclosures employing approximated tesselation(s)/tiling(s) or electronics and other modules from tow modules to columns, rows and arrays with optional deployment utilizing palletization for build out of existing industrial space and/or new construction with nestable wiring applicable from module and assembly level to molecular and atomic levels



  • Inventor

    Richard Dunn
     – Present (13 years 8 months)

    Went to the drafting board, spent a few years developing what are now two patents pending. Engineers and Engineers who have become intellectual property lawyers reviewed the IP and consider it as Science Fiction while acknowledging that it utilizes all common technology from the 1980’s and 1990’s They believe that it can return the computer industry to the United States, from the super computer to the nano-tech level and keep it here for 17-30 years.
    I did not get the international rights. The first patents was granted with 20 of 20 claims allowed, not obvious and to begin, no priror art which was later modifed, albeit marginally to be kind. LOL. They have nothing. Industries impacted are computer and process control.

  • Proprietor

     – Present (5 years 8 months)

    Our current product line includes the objet d’art “Squaring The Circle: I am Grateful” as an original oil painting, available with geometric proof and labeled construct.. Simply Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and Newton have been beaten. Da Vinci was off, this is exact and Newton spent more time on this than gravity, didn’t happen. Newton never liked calculus, he believed it was a mistake. Newton knew, he just couldn’t prove it.

    We research a lot more than this. Call this notice being served.

    This is the opening shot to the beginning of a new [old] mathematics with links to physics.

  • Inventor

     – Present (18 years 8 months)

    Two current patent pendings currently in play with VC, muiltiple IP, licensing lawyers and VC stipulate will control computer industry for the next 17-30 years. Able to attract investors able to throw down up to 400M. Seek qualified bird dogs from the top of the food chain.

  • President

    CyberKnowledge Intl Ltd
     –  (6 years)

    Own, still do, as of this writing, radiofree[State name + DC]. (49)com/(3) net Was offered $15M by Lilly Beater Capitol, LA [now defunct] to develop by lawyer, who at first did not see the value and later wanted to take control. I said, “No.” I have a business plan and at one time had it running as a Slash site. Unfortunately, I had no understanding of or access to the venture capitol community, so it failed.


  • “Squaring The Circle”:Validated solution


    This is a consequence of breaking the ancient numbering systems. I reduced it to both a geometric proof with labeled construction and an oil painting using compass and rule. It is my logo. Designed using non-industrial standards to intentionally circumnavigate objections to its copyright status as to form. This makes it original art.

    To those who say it is impossible, your arguments are specious as they are predicated on base 10 and the onerous and fallacious reasoning that all numbering systems are equal.

    What I know is simply not taught in a university. It is possible to have non-statistical process control. There is so much more here. This changes everything.

    Team members:
  • Example 1: Control of the Computer Industry?

    I foresaw the 2010 Nobel Prize winning graphene geometry and filed 2 patents for circuit layout and wiring in 2009 after 4+ years of development. Simply a paradigm shift for the HighPerformance Computing market..

    Three IP law firms unanimously agree that I have out-IBM’ed IBM. Further, all agree that I will be sued as the top of the market begins to fight for their lives. This will lead to control of the computer industry. The consensus is that this could last for 17-30 years. All advise I take a big partner and cut deals.

    Funny thing, lawyers have wanted to do the work for nothing except a hold harmless and a back end position.

    Proposals are welcome, in perpetuity NDA’s are available within the United States at my discretion. This was designed under Chinese rules as an economic weapon of war to bring the computer industry back to the United States. Some placed a developed annual market value in the range of $360B+.

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  • Example 2: Breaking the Ancient Numbering Systems


    Example 2: Breaking the Ancient Numbering Systems – A Tease

    Some believe that I broke the ancient numbering systems. They believe that I have created a bridge between physics and mathematics. If anyone should think this is a joke, consider the mathematical conundrum, “The Squaring of the Circle”. The sales letter for either Gicle’e or Oil Painting is here: > . This was done to prove a
    point, not because I like being an artist. It includes the geometric construct and proof, validated by an MS ME MIT PE.

    The skinny follows based on the Rhind Papyrus value of Pi*:

    1.Circle.Area = 256/81* x 144 x 144 = 65536
    2.Square.Area = 256 x 256 = 65536
    3.Circle.Area = Square.Area = 65536
    4.The Circle is squared.
    5.A full proof and graphic is available with a purchase at under art..
    Squaring The Circle Oil Painting

    Squaring The Circle Gicle’e

    Squaring The Circle Poster

    Squaring The Circle T-Shirt

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  • Example 3: Beating the Avian Flu

    Example 3: Beating the Avian Flu

    Problem: The US government and the Crown, the good guys per Science News cover, decided they could not wait for nature to develop the Avian flu virus. Two labs were commissioned to the purpose on either side of the Big Pond. An upgrade included making it air-born, effective weaponization, and “your tax dollar at work”. Within about a month there was an outbreak in Saudi Arabia, followed shortly thereafter by a kill order in another part of the world of 150,000 infected birds…The government just reported, infection may travel on the wind… I believe this covers it, . Who is in charge of the nut house?

    Solution: Besides the obvious, I tell you this to point out a prophylactic solution referred to as “Thieves Oil”. This oil was discovered and so named after the grave robbers who liberated stolen jewelry from the graves of the French upper crust during the Black Death. When presented with the perils of torture as a consequence of discovery… They cut a deal with the French King as to the secret formula that allowed them to operate disease free and were thus allowed to live. The oil presents a barrier to viruses due to its complex chemical nature, the viruses are unable to infect.

    Separately, food grade activated charcoal may possibly also be used after viral infection; research this. None of this is medical advice and I am not a doctor… But doing nothing and waiting to die as opposed to embracing the possibility of survival would seem the better part of valor. Empirically this appears to have worked for myself on the last round of flu.

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  • Example 4: China’s Terrorist War on Humanity – Part 1 OF 3

    Example 4: China’s Terrorist War on Humanity

    China’s Three Gorges dam has changed the length of day 0.06 microseconds and the axes of the planet 0.8 in. This artificial water way, so created, is at sufficient height to unbalance the planet. . This is not quite correct. What has changed is the axis of the crust, not the axis of the core, the difference is a frictional boundary layer vector field thermalizing both and hence grinding up and liquefying the crust from beneath. This minor detail is destabilizing the Tectonic plates, generating earth quakes, volcanism and tsunamis. The astute will realize that “fracking” will exasperate the problems put forward here.

    Coincidentally, China is no longer building below 3400 feet prox. or lower and is buying up the high ground worldwide, including Africa; Obama appears to have donated the Great State of Idaho under Project 60 and everyone is building in Antarctica, furthest away from coming East-West tidal surges. The actual tsunami safety height requirement seems to keep moving up.

    The book, “Unrestricted Warfare”, available at, published in Peking and Panama by two Peoples Liberation Army Air Force Colonels, which were later promoted, is taught in the military academies. One tenet is that it is not necessary to declare war on a capitalist state. They were promoted and yes we, the US, are/were a capitalist state. Relatedly, a world domination deal by territory appears to have been cut between China and the Arab world, whereby each brings the others respective political and religious system to power.

    It would seem that the Chinese have double-crossed their Arab dupes. How does Indonesia feel about this? How about their allies, Russian Soviet Federation Socialist Republic? Anybody else?
    <​END OF PART 1 – CONT. ON PART 2>

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  • Example 4: China’s Terrorist War on Humanity – Part 2 OF 3

    Example 4: China’s Terrorist War on Humanity – Part 2

    The dupes get to die under this version of nature’s fury unleashed not by God, but rather China’s bid for world domination.

    However, this also works against China’ own people. [They are disposable.] Three Gorges Dam is designed to fail under earth quake stresses greater than Richter 7.0. Rivers follow tectonic plate boundaries N-S adding pivotal pressure, turning one of the plates into a lever which reaches out under the abutting sea, guaranteeing a world class tsunami. This further destabilizes the dam area which is the meeting point of three plates and rids China of over 450M in excess population when the dam fails.

    This is an act of terror against every man, woman and child on the planet. Although, by appearances, buying the high ground, it is obvious that this is intentional and China must be punished. However, this must not lead to nuclear war.

    Accordingly, I propose the following. It is obvious the dam must be shut down. It is also obvious that all deaths and associated costs in all nations current and in the foreseeable future must be borne by the Chinese people. All lands and materials outside of China, to include machinery and currency must be forfeit for claims to be made in international courts. The World, including the United States, less China, must ask The Hague for a banking exemption whereby all currency foreign to China, including US currency, held by China may not be honored by the damaged nations, but rather transferred to that court’s jurisdiction for claims arising against China based on these terrorist acts as an undeclared war upon humanity. All Chinese paid bloggers, blogging for China’s position must be banned from internet use for life and should be executed.

    <END PART 2 of 3>

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  • Example 4: China’s Terrorist War on Humanity PART 3 OF 3

    Example 4: China’s Terrorist War on Humanity PART 3 OF 3

    This was done now to maximize the kill due to astrophysical events by minimizing escape based on economic hard ship, reducing geographic mobility as brought forward at this time. My childhood 3rd grade Weekly Reader stated, “All wars in the future would be economic and fought by computer at the push of a button.” We are here now, upgraded for maximum kill based on Example 5 where timing is everything…

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  • Example 5: The Galactic Automotive Water Pump Burns

    The Milky Way galaxy top view presents us with an “S” shape. We normally live behind a star wall toward the trailing outside tail of one end of an “S” curve. Our solar system runs a sinusoidal pattern on the outside edge of the Milky Way’s equator, bobbing back and forth between the North and South galactic poles. Unfortunately, there are times we are no longer behind the star wall. We are in one of those times now. Objects thrown from the close star wall are at lower velocity, but when originating from between the star walls leading from the center of the Milky Way, it acts kind of like a automotive water pump. Normally, most detritus [low velocity] is directed to the gas giants by their gravity wells and never makes it into the inner solar system. However, higher velocity material, based on mass, angle of attack, all the variables, enters the inner solar system and impacts on the Sun generating Sun spots. As with the splash back like dropping a rock in a lake, the Sun’s outer atmosphere may generate a coronal mass ejection, C.M.E., capable of destroying life on this planet, and it is getting worse. Pending longitude and latitude of detritus impact on the Sun, it takes approximately 15 to 30 days for splash back [potential CME] to occur. I almost forgot, this can cook the earth in what some say is biblically accurate 1/3rd at a time… problem is that it is periodic and therefor not prophecy. Which brings us to the deep freeze.

    Note: I beat up astrophysicists intellectually not physically, with reason I have a 90% conversion rate.

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  • Example 6 Guerilla Engineering

    When leadership and engineering are pushed beyond ability by events King Rat tries to be the last rat on the keel as he foresees the ship slipping beneath the waves and hence turns psychiopathic, garnering power and resources, never admitting incompetence. His solution “guerilla engineering”.

    This is why governments are trying to force an ice age and distributing Depleted Uranium, DU, deadly to humans and cumulative, with a half life of 450.1M years… You lay this down first. Then add ice, lots of it.; so much you have an ice age.

    Note: All this kills your population; except for what you hide away in bunkers like Norway and the elite…

    Next, enter the true value of gold. Gold is the nuclear trigger for Uranium; yes depleted Uranium is still Uranium. Gold gets all the neutrons into the right energy to trigger a nuclear chain reaction and hence the defrost cycle, that is when you want to get rid of the ice, and guess what, there used to be a reference on the net as to a world-wide wisp of a layer of gold. Déjà Vue? This is guerilla engineering and it has apparently happened before. So, what to do? Example 7: The Alternative…

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  • Example 7: An Ancient Solution PART 1 OF 2

    Example 7: An Ancient Solution PART 1 OF 2

    The ancients spoke of a “Firmament”, but no one has ever figured out what it is until now. Victor Schaumburger’s Austrian patent number 146,141 filed March 4th, 1940; entitled Pharaoh’s Pump is a variant of a ram pump, which he claimed could throw water six (6) miles high into the upper atmosphere. This would do the following:

    a. Water barrier interfaces with top of atmosphere and jet stream shielding Sun and offloading atmospheric global warming obviating chemtrails and other poisonous effects of guerilla engineering.

    b. It forms a hydrostatic thermal barrier against CME’s and gamma rays chewing on the atmosphere.

    c. If forms a hydrostatic barrier against incoming meteorites [detritus].

    d. It forms a ground plane for ionic and electrical transport of charge to the night side penumbra area of our planetary atmosphere for safe bleed off.

    e. This will stop the defrost of the methane in the ocean and below the crust.

    f. It explains the preponderance of the base of Europe from the UK to Poland being salt as a terra-forming exercise of throwing salt straight up in a prevailing wind, and so precipitates out a continent.

    If I were wrong, why was the Great Pyramid built to optical specifications as used in microwave wave guides and the glasses on my nose? Why would there be three blocks assumed to be sealing the main gallery? I maintain, these are not seals, rather these are tuning stubs as used in microwave wave guides as a mechanical form of a band pass filter. I know the optical resolution and given a team, I believe I can fire this puppy up, pending damage. Why is there a berm, diverting the waters of the Nile away? There have been television programs where hydrologists have measured the water damage to the Sphinx and ancient Egyptian boats, now on display in the Egyptian national museum have been unearthed in the foot of the Great Pyramid. So it is reasonable to say this had water.

    [END PART 1 OF 2]

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  • Example 7: An Ancient Solution PART 2 OF 2

    Example 7: An Ancient Solution PART 2 OF 2

    Note: I wrote a paper about how it worked which was copied to DOE Idaho, at the bequest of one Patrick Bailey of Lockheed. At the time DOE considered it too theoretical. Bailey did not – he wanted to present in 1992 before the Energy Conversion Conference. I met him the prior year at the 1991 event at the Boston Marriot sponsored by Am. Nuclear Society. I will take a lie detector test any time re. same.

    This is proof of prior civilizations. What is happening on this planet is not prophecy; rather it is a periodic event, more regular than a clock-work. I will write more about this at a later time.

    Could it be that some have decided to go for maximum kill for political and religious agendas. Most want to live and have been led to believe that population reduction is necessary. No one thinks leadership is aiming at them or their children. With the right technology the Hindu Sacred Vedas state that the world once supported 86B people. I could make it happen without war. Politics will not get you there because it brings the worst sociopaths and psychopaths to the top. Psychologists have numerous studies revealing that when politicians tell people that it is going to be ok, they mean for them. A politician is a man who trades your future for his. Consider this in view of what I wrote.
    [END OF PART 2 OF 2]

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  • University of Massachusetts Boston

    BA, Marketing Sales Sm. Bus Adm.

    I am not interested in U Mass at all, it was a cheep degree, Did it in my sleep. Mediocre Communists; My education started at 5 with the Golden Book Encyclopedia followed by magazines in archeology and other Encyclopedias.which were read to me at bed time by parents and grand parents. I went to private day schools up through High School pretty much. I was a transfer student and graduated before the first graduating class. At some point I started reading buying/reading technical hand books and worked on the business side of a number of high tech commercial and military companies. At one point I looked at becoming a CPA [too dry.] I left due to my perception of future Intellectual Property ownership issues over 20 years before it would become germane. I went into the job shop machine shop arena and kept the IT books side while taking some courses. in same,. That is enough, I have things to do.